When I Say Kinda Professional Baker…

What I mean is that I am a former classically trained pastry chef who has almost 10 years of “professional” baking & cooking experience. I am much more of a city girl than a country one, despite me growing up working for family farms and doing 4-H (IYKYK) in a rural area of Idaho. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2013. Then I moved to San Diego, California to gain work experience (I most definitely did) before making my way back to Idaho in 2018. 

I have always had such a passion for baking. Growing up baking with my grandma Betty was such a wonderful experience as she was a BOSS in the kitchen and the sweetest woman to everyone she met. I want to honor her by sharing with you some of her recipes, some of my own after 8 years of developing them in the restaurant industry, and some recipes of the best bloggers in the game! Sweets have always been my specialty (and my weakness) but I am trying to break out of my comfort zone by trying new things and can’t wait to share them with everyone!

kinda professionalbaker

My passion for food that is, came a few years later when I started to gain more knowledge about why certain foods do certain things. I was never really into science growing up but there is something so satisfying about learning the yes, science behind cooking and especially baking. Every ingredient has a purpose and place in certain recipes-much like we as humans have in our own lives and the lives of others. When I am creating a new recipe or trying someone else’s, I feel excited for the people who also get to make it; like I’m putting a piece of myself in the recipe. Food is such an amazing way for people to show their love, appreciation, culture, passion, talent, and themselves. 

Another thing I like is to share information with people who aren’t as into food as other are. Why do you think there are SO many recipes & food blogs on the internet?! Not everyone is even interested in learning about the food but to those who do, you are in the right place! As things come up that can help the average at-home cook/baker I won’t hesitate to share my experience. Any questions I will answer the best of my ability and my opinions are of genuine truth. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and am not afraid to be myself! Hope ya’ll are ready because I sure am.